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Welcome to the official FS Cabin Crew website!

FS Cabin Crew is a module for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, FSX and X-Plane that will add a cabin crew to all your flights. You'll be able to hear the crew making announcements to your passengers during the entire flight.

A crew during all the flight

FS Cabin Crew will add crew announcements to the entire flight! From the very beginning until you arrive at destination

Works with almost any aircraft

FS Cabin Crew will work with almost any aircraft: the default ones, freeware aircraft and of course, the payware ones

Professionally recorded sounds

All crew sounds are recorded by a professional voice talent

Add more crews in other languages

FS Cabin Crew base edition is available with an English, German, Spanish or French crew but all languages can be added to any edition

Create your own crew

You can create and use your own crew

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